Khayree – Brings You The Blackalation (CD) (1997) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Khayree - The Blackalation

Khayree is a hip-hop producer, from Vallejo, California. He is best known for producing for Bay Area rappers such as Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Ray Luv, and Young Lay. He produced most of Young Lay’s album Black ‘N Dangerous and Mac Mall’s Illegal Business?, as well as many others. Some of the best known songs he produced include Young Lay’s “All About My Fetti”, which was used for the soundtrack to the movie New Jersey Drive, and also Mac Mall’s “Ghetto Theme”, whose music video was directed by Tupac Shakur.

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Dom Pachino – Gemini Mind: Dom Pachino vs. PR Terrorist (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)

Dom Pachino Vs Pr Terrorist

Napalm Recordings presents the brand new solo album GEMINI MIND from KILLARMY veteran Dom Pachino. Showcasing a lyrical battle between his alter egos; the rapid fire spitting militant themed P.R. TERRORIST versus the street bravado, slang-slinging Dom Pachino. The dual personalities face off in this epic war, scheduled for 16 rounds of real New York Hip-Hop.

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