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Vinnie Paz – The Essential Collabo Collection Vol. 2 (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)


Vinnie Paz – The Essential Collabo Collection Vol. 1 (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)


Curren$y – Andretti 10-30 (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)


Nick Wiz – Cellar Instrumentals Vol. 6: 1992-1998 (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)


Nick Wiz – Cellar Instrumentals Vol. 5: 1992-1998 (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)


EJ Da WitchDoctor – 9th Wonder Of Tha World (CD) (2000) (320 kbps)


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Kardinal Offishall – The Firestarter (Mixed By Cipha Sounds & Supa Funkregulator Celo) (CD) (2003) (320 kbps)


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Calhouns – Made In The Dirdy South (CD) (2002) (320 kbps)


The Calhouns consists Cool Breeze (Freddie Calhoun) and two rappers from Sniper Unit: Swift C (Lucky Calhoun) and Big L (Pauly Calhoun). Produced by Organized Noize.

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Big Boi Presents Purple Ribbon Ent. – Got Purp (CD) (2005) (320 kbps)


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Hablando En Plata – La División De La Victoria (CD) (2006) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


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Hablando En Plata Squad – Supervillanos De Alquiler (CD) (2003) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


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Hablando En Plata – A Sangre Fria (CD) (2001) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


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Hablando En Plata – Operación Mafia Fantástica EP (CD) (2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


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The Criminal Minds – T.C.M (2xCD) (2011) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


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Intouchable – Les Points Sur Les I (CD) (2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


Dope Posse – Mind Over Matter (CD) (1991) (320 kbps)


Dope Posse is: Oh Jay, Kidcaine, Are MC, DTF, All Jazz, Sonlyte, Kid V, Trust, DC One, Juice, DMSR, Ronny M, Abookor, Trick P. Rappers Are MC (Coen Grooten) and DTF (Martijn van Lanen) start to write rhymes in 1985 as ‘Rhyme Federation’ and rap on multiple performances. In 1989 they meet the ‘Terminating Poets’ with rapper Kid Caine and DJ Oh Jay and form ‘Dope Posse’.Dancers are Sonlyte & All Jazz. In 1990 they sign a record deal with Djax Records. In 1992 DTF starts his solo project and a year later the group falls apart, only to return in 1995 under the name ‘Family Jewels’ with one more album.

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DTF – From A Smooth Point Of View (CD) (1992) (320 kbps)


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Flow Click – Flow Click (CD) (2002) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


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24K – Words…..Yet Unspoken (CD) (1992) (320 kbps)


Dutch Hip-Hop group from Eindhoven that started in 1989. As no label wanted to sign them, Miss Djax created her own label Djax Records to release the first album for 24K in 1990. In 1991 Arc S and Zar One leave the group and rapper CMC joins the other two members. After recording one more album the group breaks up in 1992.

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24K – No Enemies (CD) (1990) (320 kbps)


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