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Mountain Brothers – Self: Volume 1 (CD) (1998) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

The Mountain Brothers were a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based American hip hop group consisting of three Chinese American rappers. The members were CHOPS, Peril-L, and Styles Infinite. They are considered pioneers, being one of the first Asian American hip hop groups. The group formed in the early 1990s and released three highly acclaimed albums in the 1990s, including Self Vol 1 and Triple Crown. Some of their more notable songs included “Paperchase,” “Galaxies,” and “Thoroughbred.” The last of the three is featured on CHOPS’ album Virtuosity. They also produced national radio and TV commercials for Sprite and Nike.

CHOPS is the only member still active in the rap game. He has worked with premier artists such as Kanye West and Planet Asia.

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