14KT – The Golden Hour (CD) (2008) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 06.10.2016



01. The Waiting Room (The Main Theme) (Feat. Lovesong)
02. Surgery
03. The Inside (Feat. Tiffany Paige)
04. NNE Mode
05. Ypsilanti
06. Hihatspectations
07. The D Light In You
08. Love Handle
09. Tick Tock Hustle
10. Ivory Pillars
11. ICU Smile (Feat. Karla Crawford)
12. Can We?? (Chill Again)
13. Trust Issues
14. When My Sunsets (The Golden Hour)
15. Less Than Enough (Feat. AB)
16. The Night
17. Reprise (Start Over) (Feat. Lovesong)
18. Miss U. (4 Lost Loved Ones)
19. Without Dilla (Donut 2 Dilla)
20. Illustrious (Feat. Jax of Lunar Unit)


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320 kbps – Novafile  |  Datafile

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