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Various Artists – Duck Down Records Presents: Collect Dis Edition (2003) (320 kbps)

01. Black Moon – Rush
02. Boot Camp Clik – What’s Poppin
03. Boot Camp Clik – Smile In Heaven (feat. Twanie Ranks)
04. Tek aka Smokey Lah – All Massive
05. Sean Price – Don’t Say Shit To Ruck
06. Starang Wondah – That’s What’s UP
07. Boot Camp Clik – Fire Burn
08. Buckshot – The Real
09. Rustee Juxx – Mastered The Style (feat. Tek) 
10. Sean Price – Tell E Mundo
11. Buckshot – You Could Get Shot
12. Starang Wondah – The Game
13. Cocoa Brovaz – D&D Soundclash (feat. Jahdan & Afu-Ra)
14. Boot Camp Clik – Luv Em Or Leave Em Alone
15. Masta Ace – Last Bref
16. Cocoa Brovaz – No Justice No Peace
17. Boot Camp Clik – I Realize

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