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2nd Power ‎– Da Soul Man (1991) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1991, 2nd Power 13.04.2015

Looking at the front cover of 2nd Power’s debut album, Da Soul Man, one would never know that 2nd Power was a rap act — the Atlanta-based MCs preferred late-’60s/early-’70s attire and looked like a soul group from that era. When other MCs were wearing baggy pants and gold chains, the members of 2nd Power looked like they were auditioning for the Temptations or the O’Jays. But the little-known 2nd Power was very much a rap group, and the only thing that’s retro about the music itself are the samples of old soul tunes that producer Bruce Terry uses. This competent, if uneven, debut finds 2nd Power fluctuating between New York-sounding hardcore rap and Florida-style bass music. Listening to the slower tracks, such as “People B Trippin’,” “Make It Fonkay,” and “Livin’ Like a Gangsta,” one would never know that 2nd Power wasn’t from Brooklyn, Queens, or the Boogie Down Bronx. But the rappers show their Southern heritage when they increase the tempo on fast, hyper, Florida-sounding bass offerings like “Get Busy” and “Fonkay Drunk Ghetto Bass.” Although Miami is the capital of bass, 2nd Power’s hometown of Atlanta has also had its share of bass artists. 2nd Power, however, wasn’t strictly a bass group; bass was only part of what they did. As it turned out, 2nd Power was a one-album wonder — the group never recorded a second album. Nonetheless, one hears some potential on Da Soul Man, which isn’t remarkable but has its moments. /Alex Henderson @ allmusic/

1 People
2 Get Busy
3 Livin’ Like A Gangsta
4 Da Soul Man
5 Don’t Rush My Beat
6 Fonkay Drunk Ghetto Bass
7 People B Trippin’
8 Make It Fonkay
9 S.O.S. (Same Ole Story)
10 Private Freak

FLAC / MP3 320

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