A-D – Buckshots (Remix) (CDM) (1993) (320 kbps)


01. Buckshots (Remix) (Flava Remix)
02. Buckshots (Remix) (Flava-Tipper Gore Stylee)
03. Buckshots (Remix) (Ragga-Strumental)
04. Buckshots (Remix) (Flava Original Version)
05. Buckshots (Remix) (Original Flava-Tipper Gore Stylee)


320 kbps – Uploaded

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  1. I remember these guys well. Their music was cool and different, and the rhymes were amazing. I still have the lyrics of Reverse Bliss, World On Fire, Dead Zone, Pop Song, and Can I Speak Freely imprinted on my brain 😀 Great stuff!

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