Aspects ‎– Mystery Theatre? (2004) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

If you get nostalgic for the days when rappers showed off their lyrical inventiveness instead of their bling (okay, as well as their bling), the days before people started confusing gold teeth with “keeping it real,” then you’ll probably get a big kick out of this British crew, whose second album is a musically daring combination of styles and whose rhymes address everything from Seasonal Affective Disorder and urban claustrophobia (“City Limits”) to straight-up mental breakdown (the smooth and Latin-flavored “Man Under the Sea,” which boasts the opening line “He was so sentimental he was sent to a mental home”). There’s a brilliant nod to old-school soul in the appropriated James Brown licks on “Soul Sister,” and a respectful nod to old-school reggae on “Chase the Devil,” not to mention a spectacular beatbox interlude on “Droppin’ Drums.” And there’s also a brief excursion into yuk-yuk adolescent scatology on “Stinkbomb,” but by that point in the program they’ll have their hooks into you so deep that you’ll sit through it anyway. Highly recommended to all progressive hip-hop headz. /allmusic/

Another CD rip. This time 2nd album of dem Bristol hip-hop heavyweightz. Enjoy!

1 Impact
2 Off The Lip Featuring – Bees, The
3 Way Back
4 Man Under The Sea
5 Rev. Soul
6 Soul Sister Featuring – Little Barrie
7 The Way She Speaks
8 Chase The Devil Featuring – Alkaline
9 Droppin’ Drums
10 Self Help Song
11 City Limits
12 Stinkbomb
13 My World

FLAC / MP3 320

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