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Chunky A ‎– Large And In Charge (1989) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1989, Chunky A 28.04.2015

When he was riding high, talk-show host/comedian Arsenio Hall got a vanity deal from MCA for a CD featuring his “alternate” personality, rapper Chunky A. This was his foray into hip-hop/novelty humor; it wasn’t very funny except for the cut “Owww!,” which scraped the pop charts’ lower end, and “Dope, The Big Lie,” a good anti-drug track. Even “Stank Breath” wasn’t nearly as outrageous as it would have been if done by Biz Markie.

1 Owwww! 5:35
2 Large And In Charge 5:04
3 Stank Breath 4:50
4 Ho Is Lazy 4:34
5 Sorry 4:59
6 I Command You To Dance 4:06
7 Very High Key 4:18
8 Dipstick 4:23
9 Dope, The Big Lie 4:20

FLAC / MP3 320

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