DJ Rectangle ‎– Faders Of Fury (2004) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

DJ Rectangle proves some mixing skills right here by mixing some of… well, i’d say not my personal favourite era of hip-hop tracks.. This one is solid tho and contains few veterans. I will drop 2 more which will have more that-2004-radiowaves-like-sounding.

1 –Ring Master, The The Main Event (Skit)
2 –DJ Rectangle Intro
3 –Missy Elliott Funky Fresh Dressed
4 –Dr. Dre & Eminem Peep Dre & Eminem
5 –Knoc-Turnal* Peepin’ Tom
6 –DJ Rectangle An Enchanting Moment With Cha
7 –Jay-Z & Beyoncé ’03 Bonnie & Clyde
8 –DJ Rectangle Chirp Scratch
9 –Busta Rhymes Make It Clap
10 –DJ Rectangle Wild Monkey Style Scratch
11 –Fat Joe & Ginuine* Crush Tonight
12 –Beanie Sigel Peedi Crack ‘Apella
13 –Eve (2) Satisfaction
14 –DJ Rectangle Weird Word Crab Scratch
15 –Jurassic 5 What’s Golden
16 –DJ Rectangle A Delightful Ahh Yeah Scratch
17 –Naam Brigade & Juvenile (2) What You Doin’ Wit Dat
18 –DJ Rectangle 3 A.M. One Take Scratch
19 –Freeway & Jay-Z What We Do
20 –DJ Rectangle True Power Scratch
21 –Lil’ Kim What’s The Word
22 –LL Cool J Born To Love You
23 –DJ Rectangle A Breakdown With Breakdown Scratch
24 –Fabolous What’s My Name?
25 –DJ Rectangle Short Go Scratch
26 –Lady Of Rage, The Unfucwitable
27 –Gang Starr Battle
28 –DJ Rectangle Rock Te Bells Flare
29 –50 Cent & Notorious B.I.G. The Realist
30 –DJ Rectangle A Scratch Not To Be Underestimated
31 –N.O.R.E. Full Mode Remix
32 –DJ Rectangle A Short D.O.C. Scratch
33 –Lil Wayne Where You At
34 –Snoop Dogg From The Chuuuch To The Palace
35 –J-Lo* & Lox, The Jenny From Te Block
36 –Foxy Brown It’s Foxy
37 –Westside Connection It’s The Holidaze
38 –DJ Rectangle Digital Yeah Scratch
39 –Baby (2) & P. Diddy Do That
40 –DJ Rectangle Hurtful Scratch
41 –2Pac Still Ballin’
42 –DJ Rectangle Workin’ Missy
43 –Jay-Z, Dr. Dre & Rakim The Watcher 2

FLAC / MP3 320

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