F1rst Star ‎– My Grip Is Like A Cobra (1990) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

First Star came out of the Midwest, but My Grip Is Like a Cobra sounds like it could have been recorded by a New York rapper. Like many of the MCs who were coming out of New York in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the little-known female rapper is concerned with technique above all else. Rejecting the gangsta rhymes of the West Coast and the hyper, high-speed bass music of Florida and Georgia, Star makes it abundantly clear that she has plenty of technique. But technique isn’t enough to make this an interesting album; in fact, hearing her do nothing but boast about her rhyming skills and attack other MCs wears thin in a hurry. Star lacks originality, and the same goes for the production of Sweeinlo and Keith Roberts, who use soul samples in a pedestrian, unimaginative way. This routine album didn’t do very much commercially, and First Star continued in obscurity. /Alex Henderson @ allmusic/

1 Explode
2 All I Want To Do
3 Ladies Night Out
4 Diss Is For The Suckas (Radio Version)
5 The Duce
6 My Grip Is Like A Cobra
7 Stop Jockin
8 It’s On You
9 Diss Is For The Suckas (Underground)
10 Why You Talk About Me
11 Calling Shouts

FLAC / MP3 320


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