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Robby C ”The Infamous” ‎– The Real Life E.P. (2000) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2000, Robby C 13.04.2015

Well, not much info can be found on this CD. I even had to create a page for discogs. Anyways, i believe this guy was affiliated with A Lighter Shade of Brown. If you guys have some more info on him, lemme know.
Bout this EP, it’s 7/10 to me, and believe me – that’s above average stars than i would give to 2000s hip-hop records.

1 Intro
2 I Bet You Never Thought
3 Throw’n Back A Middle Finger
4 On Some Other Sh*t
5 Knick Knack Featuring – True Breed
6 I Bet You Never Thought (Trunk Version)
7 I Bet You Never Thought (Radio Edit)
8 Throw’n Back A Middle Finger (Radio Edit)
9 On Some Other Sh*t (Radio Edit)
10 Knick Knack (Radio Edit)

FLAC / MP3 320

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1 comment "Robby C ”The Infamous” ‎– The Real Life E.P. (2000) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)"

  1. @Robby C. read:

    Hey what’s up? This is Robby C. a friend of mine googled my name looking for one of my old videos and they stumbled across your blog. They mentioned something about you possibly looking for additional information. Yea.. That album was from 16 years ago, so it wasn’t ingulfed by the social media world back then lol.. Anyhow, I appreciate anyone interested in keeping 90’s & 2000’s hip hop alive. Oh and I appreciate the 7/10 review. In terms of what was pop’n back then, I’ll take a 7 all day haha. If you’d like an Interview, feel free to reach out.
    “Still Infamous”

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