Source Of Labor ‎– Stolen Lives (2000) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

As you guys requested few weeks ago!

The Seattle-based crew Source of Labor have been an integral part of the overlooked Pacific Northwest hip-hop scene since 1992. They have opened for a diverse range of acts, including Gil Scott-Heron, Goodie Mob, Nas, De La Soul, Pharcyde, The, and Ice Cube

SoL has gained their share of underground respect. The group was formed by rapper Wordsayer along with producers Negus 1 and Vitamin D. Wordsayer and Negus 1 are brothers born in Seattle but raised in Atlanta; they returned to the Northwest in the early ’90s and founded the group. They also started up a label, Jasiri Media Group, and are heavily involved in the community (Wordsayer as a creative writing teacher at Seattle’s Franklin High School, Negus 1 as the director of an after-school program). The trio began concentrating on Source of Labor recordings by the turn of the millennium, issuing the Full Circle EP as well as their debut full-length, Stolen Lives.

1 Invocation
2 Easy
3 Stories
4 Emerald City
5 Wetlands
6 Audio Visual
7 Games
8 Sunshower
9 Upendo Selassie
10 Papa
11 Wonder Twins Featuring – Kylea
12 Never Your Loss
13 Ascension
14 What
15 Full Circle
16 Clear Speak
17 Invaded Lands
18 Stolen Lives
19 Livication

FLAC / MP3 320

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