The Dogs – The Dogs (CD) (1990) (320 kbps)


Legendary and now defunct Miami Bass crew from the early 90s, best known for their hits “Take it off” and “Your Mama’s on Crack Rock”.

Thanks to Jasp!

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01 Intro
02 Where Is Disco Rick At?
03 Lets Go, Lets Go
04 F..k The President
05 Ten Little N……s
06 Lick It
07 Take It Baby
08 Dog Call
09 Take It Off
10 Crack Rock
11 Who Gives A F..k
12 Get Loose
13 F..k You All


320 kbps – Uploaded

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  1. I remember walking in my barrio with an old music player listening to this tunes recorded on cassette, and thinking of me as the cock of the walk, so, thank you for taking me back to those days.

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