The Terrorists – Terror Strikes: Always Bizness, Never Personal (CD) (1991) (320 kbps)


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1 Intro
2 Cloud On Suckas (feat. Ganksta Nip)
3 Blow Dem Hoes Up
4 I Ain’t Givin’ Up
5 Makin’ A Life Outta Livin’
6 Bomb Threat
7 Xecution
8 Lyrics From Hell
9 Dead Bodies (feat. Point Blank)
10 F_ _ _ The Media (feat. Bushwick Bill)
11 Face The Holocaust
12 South Park Coalition (feat. Lord 3-2, A C-Chill, Def Busy-x, Dope “E”, Ganksta Nip, Grim, K-Rino & P.T. Blank)


320 kbps – Uploaded

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