Constant Deviants – Avant Garde (WEB) (2015) (320 kbps)

Avant Garde

If you spent countless hours in the mid-90s digging through the racks of your local hip-hop vinyl emporium, you’ll no doubt remember stumbling across the debut Constant Deviants single Competition Catch Speed Knots; a head-nodding slice of East Coast boom-bap which went on to become something of a cult classic. Two decades later and the Baltimore / NY duo of DJ Cutt and M.I. are still delivering quality beats and rhymes, with their music remaining rooted in the group’s golden-era origins without sounding stuck in the past..


01. Avant Garde
02. End All Be All
03. Breathin’
04. It’s Like That (ft. Aye Wun)
05. Machine Gun
06. Side B
07. IM Wit It
08. IM Still Up!
09. Which One
10. U Know What
11. Whatever U Call It
12. Standards 0
13. The Right Moment
14. Whats Wrong Wit U
15. M’s 4 Milleniums


320 kbps – Uploaded


  1. You don’t happen to have that single, Competition Catch Speed Knots, do you?

  2. reup pa leeeeez

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