Coolbone – Brass-Hop (CD) (1997) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Coolbone - Brass-Hop

Perhaps it’s not surprising that a New Orleans musical collective would latch onto the idea of fusing a brass band with hip-hop, but Coolbone’s debut album Brass-Hop is startling nevertheless. Using gritty New Orleans R&B, jazz and funk as a foundation, the group works elements of urban soul and hip-hop into their music, creating a truly eclectic and infectious album. Theoretically, such juxtapositions shouldn’t work, and occasionally the group don’t quite fulfill their ambitions, but at its best, Coolbone is utterly modern, creative and funky soul.


01 Mellow Roo
02 Brass-Hop
03 Float Like A Butterfly
04 I Ain’t Got None
05 The Rescue
06 Gotta Sweat (When Ya Black)
07 The Middle Passage
08 Nothin’ But Strife
09 What’s Hip
10 Changing Hands
11 Layin’ It Down
12 Phat City
13 Multitude Of Blues
14 Use Me
15 The Saints
16 Spread Da Funk
17 Mellow Roo (Slight Return)
18 Nothin’ But Strife (Groove Mix)


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  1. Thanks so much for this, I had this on CD back in the days, any chance you could track down the Promo EP?

    Coolbone ‎– What Is Brass-Hop?

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