Da Mafia 6ix – Watch What U Wish… (CD) (2015) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Watch What U Wish


01. Watch What U Wish…
02. Dat Ain’t Inya (feat. La Chat & Fiend)
03. 50 Bands (feat. Lord Infamous)
04. Gimmi Back My Dope (feat. Lord Infamous)
05. Walk wit Me (feat. Lord Infamous & Locodunit)
06. Why Must I Sweat da Track (feat. Fiend)
07. Forever Get High (feat. Fiend)
08. Hundid Thou Wow (feat. Billy Wes & La Chat)
09. Residence Evil (feat. Wacy Loco)
10. No Good Deed (feat. La Chat)
11. Back on Dat Hype (feat. Lord Infamous)
12. Do Dabs (feat. Mariah Jane)
13. Come Get Sum
14. By Myself (feat. La Chat)
15. High Like an Eagle (feat. Lord Infamous, La Chat & Fiend)
16. Mosh Pit (feat. Lil Wyte & Insane Clown Posse)
17. We Be Goin’ In (feat. Lord Infamous)
18. You Can’t (feat. Locodunit & Lil Infamous)
19. Next


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