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Stepchild – Stepchild (CD) (1995) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1995, Stepchild , , 13.05.2015

Early-’70s soul keeps being reinvented, especially by guys with samplers who like to mine the vaults for interesting riffs and loops. The trouble here is that some fine ideas and singing are buried under layers of overproduction — some clever harmony structures are squashed beneath the beats and bombed by the bass. This could have been quite an impressive release, but instead almost comes off as though the music and vocals occurred in two entirely separate universes.


01. Stepchild Theme (Intro)
02. Shut Up & Feel the Vibe
03. Chill with You
04. Hangin Around (Sicka Gettin Treated)
05. Fuckin Wit Me
06. Fonkee
07. Reality (Instrumental)
08. Sun Will Shine
09. You N Me
10. Freaky Freakay
11. Whats Goin on (Instrumental)
12. Live 4 Today
13. Asia
14. Stepchild Journey to Mars
15. Stepchild Theme (Dannys Vibe)


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