The Gigantics – Die Already (CD) (2008) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

The Gigantics - Die Already

The Gigantics is a five-man production team assembled by Onry Ozzborn (a.k.a. Reason and Count Draven of Grayskul/Oldominion). Die Already is their debut and features the voices of over 50 of the most influential and talented people in independent hip hop today. Far from a compilation, this album pulls disparate artists from their respective groups and weaves them together into a dream team. Among the many outstanding individuals appearing here are Aesop Rock, Murs, Mr. Lif (Def Jux), Swollen Members, Eligh (of Living Legends), Pigeon John (Quannum), P.O.S. Rhymesayers), Solillaquist of Sound, Josh Martinez, and Awol One. Though Die Already is primarily a hip hop album, The Gigantics’ production takes you through alternative, metal, punk, pop, electronic, street, and club, providing a disc that will satisfy any listener.


1. Die Already (Feat. The Gigantics & Sapient of Sandpeople/Debaser)
2. The Explanation (Feat. Aeop Rock, Reason of Grayskul & Eligh of Living Legends)
3. Ball & Chain of Squares (Feat. Solilaquists of Sound)
4. Biological Nothing (Feat.Candidt of Oldominion)
5. Memories (Feat. JFK/Ninjaface of Oldominion)
6. Ghettoblastertelevision (Feat. Aurora)
7. Mr. Anaya (Feat. P.O.S. of Doomtree & Michael)
8. 10 Brovas Strong (Feat. Cancer Rising & Pale Soul of Oldominion)
9. Keep Walking (Feat. Macklemore of Step Cousins & Xperience of Step Cousins/Oldominion)
10. Safe (Feat. Vursatyl of Lifesavas, Blak of Silent Lambs & LMNO of Visionaries)
11. Shut Up (Feat. Murs, Vitamin D & Mr. Lif)
12. The Redtown (Feat. Norman & Cool Nutz)
13. Grownfolks (Feat. Candidt, NyQwil & Anaxagorous of Oldominion)
14. So You Suffer (Feat. Swollen Members)
15. Memory Loss (Feat. Count Draven of Grayskul/Oldominion, Pigeon John & Mis’Fatale)
16. Deadpeoplepeprally (Feat. Onry Ozzborn of Oldominion, A.D.F. & Awol One of Shapeshifters)
17. Slicktalk (Feat. Reason of Grayskul/Oldominion, Karim of Boom Bap Project/Oldominion & Gold of Clockwerk/Sandpeople)
18. Poor Thing (Feat. Josh Martinex of Chicharones)
19. Medicine (Feat. Onry Ozzborn of Oldominion, N8theGr8 of The Cuf/Deep Fried Fuck Bros. & Pricey)
20. Faingool (Feat. Azrael of Oldominion, Syndel of Siren’s Echo/Oldominion & Gold of Clockwerk/Sandpeople)
21. Don’t (Feat. 2Mex of Visionaries, IAME of Clockwerk/Sandpeople/Oldominion & ColeyCole of Oldominion)
22. Electric Men (Feat. Destro of Bom Bap Project/Oldominion)
23. Time’s Still Up (Feat. PeGee 13 of Oldominion, Jace of Silent Lambs & Mako of Oldominion)
24. Las Vegas Swimming Pool (Feat. Sapient of Sandpeople/Debaser & Qwel of Typical Cats)


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