Various ‎– Wild Style OST (1983 – 1998 RE) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Wild Style largely went unseen upon its 1983 release, but its soundtrack became one of the key records of early-’80s hip-hop, providing rappers with a treasure trove of beats and rhymes. None of the cuts on Wild Style became crossover hits, but the songs became underground staples, inspiring new rappers and offering rhythms that were sampled over the years. Although much of this music now sounds dated, the rhymes and rhythms remain exciting, illustrating why Wild Style was one of the cornerstones of underground hip-hop in the ’80s. /Leo Stanley/

1     –Grand Wizard Theodore     Military Cut (Scratch Mix) 2:18
2     –Busy Bee Vs. Rodney Cee     MC Battle    3:35
3     –Cold Crush Brothers Vs. Fantastic Freaks     Basketball Throwdown     1:18
4     –Fantastic Freaks     Fantastic Freaks At The Dixie     6:25
5     –Grand Wizard Theodore     Subway Theme    2:52
6     –Cold Crush Brothers     Cold Crush Brothers At The Dixie     5:42
7     –Busy Bee     Busy Bee’s Limo Rap     1:02
8     –Fab 5 Freddy     Cuckoo Clocking     1:12
9     –Double Trouble (4)     Stoop Rap     1:19
10     –Double Trouble (4)     Double Trouble At The Amphitheatre    7:58
11     –Grandmaster Caz     South Bronx Subway Rap (Original Version)    2:22
12     –Busy Bee     Streetrap     0:44
13     –Busy Bee     Busy Bee At Amphitheatre    2:15
14     –Fantastic Freaks     Fantastic Freaks At Amphitheatre     1:54
15     –Grand Wizard Theodore     Gangbusters    1:20
16     –Rammellzee     Rammellzee & Shock Dell At Amphitheatre    3:49
17     –Fab 5 Freddy     Down By Law     1:08

FLAC / MP3 320

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