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London Posse – Gangster Chronicle (Reissue CD) (1990-2001) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1990, London Posse, UK 18.06.2015

London Posse was one of the earliest groups in the British hip hop scene.

It was formed by Sipho the Human Beatbox, who asked his friends Rodney P, Bionic and DJ Biznezz to join him for a tour of the US to support Mick Jones’ (formerly of The Clash) new group, Big Audio Dynamite. When the group first formed, it did not have a name, but while playing in New York City, it was constantly referred to as “the London Posse” because of its hometown, and the name stuck. On their return, they released the single London Posse (Big Life, 1987), produced by Tim Westwood, which detailed their experiences. After this release, Sipho and Biznezz left the group.

Rodney P and Bionic continued to record, releasing the single “Money Mad” (Justice, 1988) with Westwood’s Justice label. Then they moved to Island Records subsidiary Mango to release more singles and their only album, Gangster Chronicle (Mango Records, 1990). With its roots in reggae and New York hip hop, the album sounded quite different from the predominant hardcore of their contemporaries, and cemented London Posse’s reputation as one of the UK scene’s most talented groups.

When Mango was closed down by its parent company, London Posse moved to Bullit, run by their manager Errol Bull. The group recorded a second album but could not afford to release it, so it was permanently shelved. This was because any money they received for their work was ploughed back into the record company. Insead, they released a selection of singles: “How’s Life in London” (Bullit, 1993), “Supermodel” (Bullit, 1993) and “Style” (Bullit, 1996). Bionic moved into drum and bass, while Rodney P continued as a solo artist. He formed a partnership with DJ Skitz to host a BBC 1 Xtra radio show and released a solo album.


01. Money Mad
02. Livin’ Pancoot
03. Original London Style
04. Remedy For The Black Ash Blues
05. Jump Around
06. Sexy Gal (feat. Culture Mark)
07. Gangster Chronicle
08. Live Like The Other Half Do
09. Oversized Idiot
10. Tell Me Something
11. Jump Around (Censored Mix)
12. How’s Life In London
13. Funky Rhyme, Funky Style
14. Pass Me The Rizla


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320 kbps – Uploaded

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