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Marcus D – Melancholy Hopeful (CD) (2012) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2012, Marcus D , 04.06.2015


Marcus D’s long-awaited sophomore album, Melancholy Hopeful. Since his first full-length release, Marcus D has gained the respect and recognition of US and Japanese hip-hop fans alike. With the recent announcement of a distribution deal with the legendary Nujabes’ Hydeout/Tribe label, this album may prove to be one of the top Jazz-hop releases of the year.


01. Don’t Hold Ya Breath (feat. Funky DL)
02. Third Person (feat. One Be Lo)
03. Melancholy Hopeful (feat. Cise Star)
04. Fly (feat. Choklate)
05. Titania
06. All Around The World (feat. LaRue & Steph, the Sapphic Songstress)
07. Kindred Spirit (feat. Emancipator)
08. One People (feat. Shing02)
09. Continuous Dream (feat. Pismo)
10. Nocturne of Love
11. Street’s Lament (feat. Luck One)
12. Misanthropy
13. Univeral Language (feat. Substantial & Steph, the Sapphic Songstress)
14. Distant Worlds (feat. Awon)
15. Inasense
16. Night on the Town (feat. Cise Star, Substantial & Funky DL)
17. Pain and Possibility


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320 kbps – Uploaded

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