Molemen – Buried Alive EP (Vinyl) (1999) (320 kbps)

Molemen - Burried Alive EP

Thanks to Rickey!


A1 Molemen – Intro: Molepeople
A2 Juice – Period
A3 Juice – Period (Instrumental)
A4 Vakill – Know The Bitness
A5 Vakill – Know The Bitness (Instrumental)
B1 Mass Hysteria – Vocabulary Spill
B2 Mass Hysteria – Vocabulary Spill (Instrumental)
B3 Rhymefest – Prepare For The Fest
B4 Rhymefest – Prepare For The Fest (Instrumental)


320 kbps – Uploaded

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  1. I would really like a CD version of this vinyl this is missing some tracks that are classic Chicago anthems

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