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Optimus Rhyme – School The Indie Rockers (CD) (2006) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2006, Optimus Rhyme , , 22.06.2015

Optimus Rhyme - School the Indie Rockers

Optimus Rhyme have a sick name (Transformers, anyone?), a sicker album name, and the sickest indie hip-hop sound you’ve likely heard in a long time. School the Indie Rockers is right on the mark; Optimus Rhyme pair pointy math-rock riffs with solid live drum beats to compose the backbones of their songs. From bouncy riffs to chugging chords and back, guitar — again live, not sampled — is the engine that drives these songs. Optimus Rhyme do this better than any rap group I’ve ever heard before (including the Roots), and I’ve never heard rap tap indie rock like this.

But it’d all be a gimmick if not for Wheelie Cyberman’s proficient raps. His style is technical, fast, and clear, much like indie rap star Atmosphere. Cyberman’s got a consistent sense of humor and refrains from boasting. That is, except for in “Ping Pong Song,” where he describes his practice regime, intensity, and skill at the game. He’s even got a ping-pong jersey. In “Sick Day,” Cyberman talks about calling in sick after a crazy weekend. “Obey the Moderator” is about an online bulletin board. Optimus Rhyme are a deliberately different rap group with an amazingly tight sound.


01. Extinguish
02. LEDs
03. Sick Day
04. My Piroshky
05. Just Forget It
06. Ping Pong Song
07. Ergonomic
08. Who Me?
09. Autobeat Airbus
10. Super Shiny Metal
11. Obey the Moderator
12. Coded & United
13. My Piroshky (Reprise)


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