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The 49ers – Equilibrium (CD) (2007) (320 kbps)

2007, The 49ers 24.06.2015

The 49ers - Equilibrium

The 49ers are a Hip Hop duo from Newark, USA comprised of Jas Mace & Marchitect who have tours and performed next to some of the biggest names in hip Hop such as P.Diddy, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Styles P & Ice – T. The organic blend of jazz and soul samples with live instrumentation partnered with the laid back effortless rhymes combine together to create an earthy, soulful album. With the swagger and confidence in the rhymes of the latest platinum selling one hitter wonder and the honesty of the independant MC hustling to get their songs played, The 49ers cover everything from laid back jazz influenced jams to bouncey club records maintaining the same integrity throughout. With a million new rappers and producers popping up on myspace everyday thinking they deserve their big break, The 49ers at least deserve 4 minutes of your time to check out their music.


1. Intro
2. Earth’s Rotation
3. Too Sophisticated
4. Nausea
5. Orlando
6. Mesmerized
7. Breath Of Fresh Air
8. Boom Bap
9. I Don’t Want No
10. The Belts
11. Put Em Up II
12. Higher
13. Puppets
14. Save The Children
15. Window Down
16. Outro


320 kbps – Uploaded

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