VA – Eargasms: Crucialpoetics, Volume One (CD) (1997) (320 kbps)

This cutting edge hip hop/beat poetry release has it on all borders. Ozone has pulled together a great collection of poetry backed by dope beats and samples. After the Invocation from The Last Poets Rha Goddess presents the album highlight with “My Pen”. She presents her poetry so smoothly and the flow is flawless. Ozone’s own Saul Williams presents a fantastic track too with great human beat box scatting going on in the background on “Twice the first time”. This isn’t your typical rap album as there is so much soul and thought going into the lyrics here. They are not to worry about the rhyming quite as much as they are the content of the tracks. The artist Native Son is the mastermind behind this collection. He wanted to be able to present a great collection of wordsmiths to the world. He succedes very nicely.


01 Abiodun Oyewole – Invocation
02 Rha Goddess – My Pen
03 Saul Williams – Twice The First Time
04 Brad Walrond – Underneath The Metal
05 Tony Medina – (Interview With)
06 Vibe Khameleons – Spook In The House
07 Jessica Care Moore – My Caged Bird Don’t Sing
08 Sharrif Simmons – Diaspora
09 Dysfunktional Family – Freestyle
10 Karyl Anne – Deeper
11 Rux – Gut-Bucket Blues
12 Natasha Latasha Diggs – Gunsmoke
13 Company Flow – Freestyle
14 Righteous Cartel – Who’s To Blame?
15 Kymbali – Last Days
16 Gravity Boots – Interlude
17 Mike Ladd – Let’s Discuss Disgusting
18 Abiodun Oyewole – Poet’s Psalm
19 Outro


320 kbps – Uploaded

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