Whodini – Escape (CD) (1984-2011 Reissue) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

A vast improvement over the previous year’s debut, Escape is the second album from the seminal no-nonsense New York rappers. Unlike many rappers, Whodini got their beats and musical backing from synthesizers. While this isn’t a conceptual masterpiece and really is nothing more than sure-shot singles and sound-alike single, “Five Minutes of Funk” was an instant classic. The just-as-good “Freaks Come Out at Night” has the guys talking about nocturnal freaks with vivid lyrics and a little too much inside information. Listening to Escape, one has to be struck with the minimalism offered here. On “Big Mouth” and “Friends,” producer Larry Smith provides clutter-free tracks for the guys to rap over. In contrast, the fast-paced “Escape (I Need a Break)” brings in ambulance sounds and ends up being a great instance of unconsciously danceable rap. Better yet, the closer “We Are Whodini” distills the essence of the group more than the other groundbreaking tracks here, and still retains a sense of freshness. The real unsung hero on Escape is the DJ, Grandmaster Dee, who provides deft work. Recorded at Battery Studios in England, Escape has a countless amount of memorable lines and productions, and has held up over time better than the debut. /Jason Elias @ allmusic/

FLAC added!


01. Five Minutes Of Funk
02. Freaks Come Out At Night
03. Featuring Grand Master Dee
04. Big Mouth (Album Mix)
05. Escape (I Need A Break)
06. Friends
07. Out Of Control
08. We Are Whodini
09. Escape (I Need A Break) (Special Extended Mix)
10. Escape (I Need A Break) (Acapella)
11. Escape (I Need A Break) (Instrumental)
12. Five Minutes Of Funk (Instrumental)
13. Freaks Come Out At Night (Instrumental)
14. Friends (Instrumental)
15. Big Mouth (Beat Box Mix)
16. Big Mouth (Acapella)
17. Grandmaster Dee’s Haunted Scratch


320 kbps – Uploaded  
FLAC – Uploaded (Ripped by Janka-man)

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