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Zig-Zag ‎– Circuit Breaker (1984) (12”) (320 kbps)

1984, Zig-Zag 06.06.2015

Some rare mid-80’s electro hip-hop that goes on discogs for 180 USD.

A Circuit Breaker (Vocal) 5:38
B Circuit Breaker (Instrumental) 5:00


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1 comment "Zig-Zag ‎– Circuit Breaker (1984) (12”) (320 kbps)"

  1. @The Saucer People read:

    Many thanks for sharing this in 320 – this period, where the emerging templates of house and acid, constructed from the basic blueprints of disco, electro, Italo-disco, rap/hip-hop, DIY electronics and synth-pop, from say 1982 to 1985, produced some of the most creative, innovative and experimental dance music imaginable, and yet this period is often neglected by dance and DJ history, or reduced to a footnote in the history of post-disco dance music.

    For anyone who has not heard this, check both versions out, personally it is the latter instrumental version that really stands the test of time, those synths and that dirty, dirty bass-line

    Thanks again for this guys, hopefully a FLAC/WAV rip will emerge in the future as the original vinyl is well beyond my price range sadly!

    PS> Anyone have a decent rip of Tony Cook and the Party People On the Floor’s Rock It (Extended Version) ? what a killer track!

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