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Hello our dear visitors!

I hope you’re enjoying all this stuff we upload. But I see some disrespectful and ungrateful users that always complain on filehostings in c-box or in comments when get this FREE music. All hip-hop music albums and clips will be uploaded on payable filehostings (file.al and datafile.com) because we need to pay money to the antiabuse hosting and server. That’s why I added video clips category only for VIP users.

So please support our project and buy premium accounts on file.al or datafile.com from any our file. That be the best compliment to our work. Plus you’ll get the fullspeed downloads without any limitations.

Peace and regards,


  1. Kevin Volcanic

    Its people like these that spoils a good thing. Just want you to know that I appreciate the things thats going in this site.

  2. With all due respect,

    Your efforts that you have put in to this site is amazing, A lot of ppl use mobile devices and those sites aren’t very mobile friendly at least on android from my experience, has nothing to do with payable file hosting just wish there was one that worked well with mobile or had a mobile app

    Just my thoughts no disrespect intended

  3. Just recently I was wondering if I could show my appreciation be giving a small monetary donation to the website. If we can let me know.

    Do I need to purchase some sort of VPN to download the music?

    Thanks again…..Be easy!

  4. Love you guys this is the best site I have visit in many years, Keep up the good work.

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