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Astronautalis – This Is Our Science (CD) (2011) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


I wrote “This is Our Science” about the last 7 years of my life touring, traveling, drifting, and working. About the friends I’ve made, the lessons I’ve learned, and the stories I’ve lived on this endless exploration into my art, my mind, and the world at large. Throughout this adventure, there has always been a place that I kept my stuff while I was gone, sometimes in boxes in a basement, sometimes on a bookshelf in a bedroom, but I have never had a real home. I always said, “the world is my hometown, and all the countries are just neighborhoods I like to visit”, but that definition never felt right to me. Something was missing.

It wasn’t until I really started writing the album that I took time to sit back and reflect on this life lived without an anchor, and it became clear to me: home may never be a place for me. I won’t find home in a building, or in my bed, home will be in my stories, my memories, and more than anything…my friends.


1. The River, The Woods
2. This Is Our Science
3. Thomas Jefferson (feat. Sims & Mike Wiebe)
4. Measure The Globe
5. Dimitri Mendeleev
6. Midday Moon
7. Contrails (feat. Tegan Quin)
8. Holy Water
9. Secrets On Our Lips
10. Lift The Curse
11. One For The Money


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320 kbps – Uploaded

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