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Common & Nas ‎– Uncommonly Nasty (Remixed By Soul Supreme & Statik Selektah) (2005) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2005, Common, Nas 03.07.2015

When I received this I must admit I was surprised. Seeing Nas and Common’s name on the same CD got me thinking ‘did I miss something here?’ Well I didn’t and neither did you. This 14 track deep CD comes courtesy of Soul Supreme, who’s production credits include Big Daddy Kane, OC and KRS-1 amongst others, and is basically a series of remixes from Common’s ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ LP and Nas’ ‘Stillmatic’ LP.
These are all officially un-released and are being put out by French label Nocturne. Now the quality of these two MCs is not really debatable (beyond internet message boards or down the pub) so I won’t really delve into the lyrical side of things. Production wise it’s pretty tasty, as Soul Supreme gives most of the tracks an upbeat treatment that works very well and lives up to the Soul part of his name. Hearing favourites like ‘1-9-9-9’, ‘Got Ur Self’ and ‘The Light’ reworked in such a way really puts a smile on your face and makes you want to dig for the originals. The Common remixes are my personal favourites, as I never really enjoyed ‘Stillmatic’ that much. However both MCs get a very decent remix treatment, much better then a lot of official stuff you hear these days. In a recent interview Soul Supreme explained that the production was pretty much all his while Statik Selektah’s role was to take the accapellas and flip them on the beats. Something he does with style and finesse, adding some lovely cuts throughout. The combination of production and deck skills works a treat and overall makes this an interesting release and one which will no doubt please the fans and trainspotters alike as well as inflame some boards somewhere or provide some fuel for a ‘Who’s better?’ argument down the local boozer. /Kper @ ukhh/

1 –Common 6th Sense (Remix) 3:14
2 –Common The Light (Remix) 3:22
3 –Common Keep On (Remix) 3:31
4 –Common Resurrection (Remix) 3:40
5 –Common 1-9-9-9 (Remix) 2:42
6 –Common Communism (Remix) 1:43
7 –Common Close To Me (Remix) 3:21
8 –Nas Intro (Soulmatic) (Remix) 2:47
9 –Nas Got Ur Self (Remix) 4:14
10 –Nas Ether (Remix) 4:53
11 –Nas 2nd Childhood (Remix) 4:07
12 –Nas The Flyest (Remix) 4:55
13 –Nas Destroy And Rebuild (Remix) 5:22
14 –Nas Ether (Remix Remixed) (Remix) 4:52

FLAC / MP3 320

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