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Dame Grease – Dame Grease’s “Live On Lenox”. The Album (CD) (2000) (320 kbps)

2000, Dame Grease, Various Artists 02.07.2015

Dame Grease - Dame Grease's Live On Lenox - The Album (2000)

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Dame Grease is most renowned for his behind-the-scene work with DMX, Nas, the LOX, and Cam’Ron. He is also one of the main participants responsible for devising the highly coveted syncopated template that currently defines mainstream hip-hop. Dame’s sample-free, keyboard-friendly creations offer the main source of competition to fellow syncopated lords Swizz Beatz and Mannie Fresh, and his emergence has prevented Swizz and Mannie from exclusively monopolizing this arena.
With Live on Lenox Ave., Dame proves to be a full-service beat technician, as he effortlessly tailors his computerized tracks to fit any genre; from the dirty south bounce of “Vacant Lot Gone No Limit” featuring Silkk The Shocker to the R&B hue of “Harlem Niggas” featuring Mase’s Harlem World cronies Loon and Huddy. While Dame’s sound is ofttimes indistinguishable from that of Swizz’s, he does exhibit a soulful side, implementing melodious guitar riffs too Noreaga’s “La Da Di La La La.”
Yet, times are hard on the Ave., as Dame’s freshman class of rhyme associates (H.O.T. Ones, Mad.Is.On, Bigga Threat, etc.) are underwhelming throughout, and this nondescript cast of MCs could use more time developing their own identities. In truth, Live on Lenox Ave. is so stricken with insufficient lyricism that it turns ordinary tracks from Noreaga, the catchy “La Da Di La La La,” and Nas’ “Wanna Play Rough” (a track resurrected from the Nastradamus sessions) into the LP’s main highlights.


01 DMX, Big Stan & Meeno – The Future
02 Scarface & H.O.T. Ones – Nigga Haters
03 Meeno – I’m That Nigga
04 H.O.T. Ones – Floss, One, Don
05 Baby Madison – B.A.B.Y.
06 Bigga Threat – Bigga
07 Noreaga & Final Chapter – La Da Di, La La La
08 Tony Wink, Meeno & Baby Madison – Never Thought
09 Mad.Is.On – Dedication
10 H.O.T. Ones & Cam’ron – Good Morning America
11 Dave Floss & Emoni Montanè – Get Doe
12 Dame Grease – Me
13 Loon, Huddy & Emoni Montanè – Harlem Niggas
14 Dave Floss, Emoni Montanè & Silkk The Shocker – Vacant Lot Gone No Limit
15 Nas – Wanna Play Rough
16 E-Snaps, Bigga Threat, Big Stan & Tony Wink – Pressurer
17 Baby Madison & Drag-On – Streets Done Raised Us
18 Mad.Is.On – The Truth


320 kbps – Uploaded

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