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DJ Magic Mike And The Royal Posse ‎– Represent (1994) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1994, DJ Magic Mike 25.07.2015

Alex Henderson @allmusic: ”Uniting DJ Magic Mike with the Royal Posse, Represent differs from some of Mike’s other albums in that it emphasizes rapping, flowing, and lyrics. The CD isn’t devoid of instrumentals, and it isn’t without abundant proof of Mike’s impressive skills as a mixmaster/producer. But this time, rapping isn’t just an afterthought and doesn’t take a back seat to cutting, mixing, scratching, and producing — from the fast, hyper, danceable booty rhyming of “Move Them Butts” to slower, more serious tunes like “Down Through the Years,” “(O.K. Nigga) Here We Go,” and the title song, rapping is Represent’s main thrust. Some of the Royal Posse members who Mike prominently features are Infinite J., Daddy Rae, and K. Dog, all of whom contributed to the lyric writing. Bass enthusiasts will definitely want Represent, which is among Mike’s most memorable releases.”

1 Royal Rejects (Prelude)
2 Represent
3 You Dumbass (Prelude)
4 Move Them Butts
5 You Hear It Hummin’
6 A Real Nigga (Prelude)
7 (O.K. Nigga) Here We Go
8 A Message From Juan (Prelude)
9 Feel The Bass V.
10 Cut The Record Down To The Bone
11 Mind Blowing Decisions (Prelude)
12 Down Thru The Years
13 Magic’s Groove
14 Move Them Butts (Hip Hop Mix)
15 Royal Rejects (Outro)

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  1. @FUNK read:

    Thank you guys. DJ Magic Mike was my second stop when it comes to bass.

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