High Performance ‎– All Things Considered (1990) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Competent urban contemporary, hip-hop, and dance-pop from another of the many groups on The Nastymix roster. This was a production and arranging vehicle, as the collective vocals were basic and the few featured leads were static and lifeless. It did contain some good tracks /Ron Wynn @allmusic/.

1 It’s Just Funky 5:10
2 All Things Considered 4:31
3 I’m Like A Caddy 4:06
4 Here’s A Party Jam 5:36
5 So You Wanna Be A Gangster 4:12
6 Actions Intro 0:07
7 The Hill 5:15
8 Pushin’ Dope For The Man 4:04
9 Do You Really Wanna Party? 5:41
10 Black On Black 4:22

FLAC / MP3 320

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