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Kreators – No Ordinary Love (VLS) (1998) (320 kbps)

1998, Kreators 17.07.2015

Kreators - No Ordinary Love

The history and evolution of Boston-based hip-hop group Kreators began in 1998. While solidifying their roots during the genesis of the Boston hip-hop scene, the group has built a reputation of providing infectious beats and devastating lyrical deliveries both live on stage and on recordings. In the course of their respective solo careers, Kreators members G Squared, Jayson, Big Juan, and XL crossed paths several times. Finally, in 1997, they came together to start producing an album that represented each member’s well-seasoned ideology.
G Squared, the group leader, assembled this self-contained, self-produced, four man units. His triple function as Producer, DJ, and MC has given the Kreators a bi-coastal sound that transcends all boundaries. His past projects include dropping a solo project for a Canada based group known as Cipher, which was nominated for a Juno Award in 1995 (the equivalent of a Grammy in the US). Jayson’s affiliation with crews such as the original Gang Starr Posse (which later developed into the world renowned Gang Starr) and HBO crew can be considered the inspiration for his rhyme style – an aggressive lyrical approach with a lethal tone. Big Juan brings to the group his experiences dealing with a major label (originally signed to Atlantic Records), from big money to big expectations to an understanding of how the record business really works. Big Juan assumes the role of the storyteller – conveying a clear, sharp picture of his vision of the industry, relationships and life in general. XL brings a heavy work ethic and professionalism to the table. After working with G Squared in Canada and touring with Cipher, he eventually joined the group. His serious tone and sharp combinations accentuate a delivery that consumes the listener and leaves challengers on the ropes. Although the members of Kreators have different backgrounds and styles, their combined efforts have succeeded in creating a trademark style of their own. The Kreators study the industry, trends, styles, themselves, and the efforts of other groups, and create songs that depict their knowledge in a way that serves to entertain – while educating their fans, other MCs, and the DJs that spin their records.
The Kreators are firm in the message they relay in their music and the importance of putting 100% of themselves behind their work. They are also adamant about being their own worst critics: “Nobody can be more critical about our work than us,” says G Squared. “Anybody can put out a record. We’re not about that. We’re focused on quality, innovation and integrity.”


A1 No Ordinary Love (Radio Edit) (feat. Ed O.G.)
A2 Truth Or Game (Radio Edit)
A3 No Ordinary Love (Instrumental)
B1 I Can’t Understand
B2 How It Is
B3 Big Plans (Radio Edit)


320 kbps – Datafile

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