L.A Star – Poetess (CD) (1990) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

L.A. Star - Poetess

Alex Henderson @ allmusic: ”If Crystal Waters were a full-time rapper instead of a singer, she might sound something like L.A. Star, who also has a rather nasal, dry voice. Given the East Coast/West Coast rap rivalry that was taking place in some hip-hop circles, it was surprising that a New York rapper like Star would dare to have L.A. in her name (even if it did stand for Lisa Ali instead of Los Angeles). Star claimed N.W.A. as a main influence, but in fact, Poetess is far from gangsta rap. While “Wondrous Dream,” “Fade to Black,” “Once Upon a Time” and other songs on the CD paint a troubling picture of urban life, Star has a lot more in common with MC Lyte than the gangsta rappers of the West Coast. Although decent, Poetess wasn’t a big seller. And as much potential as Star showed on this album, she never recorded a follow-up.’

FLAC added!


01. Wonderous Dream
02. Fade To Black
03. N.P.T Posse
04. My Tale
05. Do You Still Love Me
06. It Takes A Real Woman
07. Swing To The Beat
08. Once Upon A Time
09. It’s Like That
10. If You Don’t Wanna Party
11. Fade To Black (UK Remix)
12. N.P.T Posse (UK Remix)


320 kbps – Uploaded
FLAC – Uploaded (Ripped by Janka-man)

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