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L.S.D. – Watch Out For The Third Rail (CD) (1991) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1991, Germany, L.S.D. 11.07.2015

LSD - Watch Out For The Third Rail

L.S.D. (short for Legally Spread Dope).
From Germany (a small town near Cologne).
The group consisted of Producer Future Rock, V.O.C. Ko Lute and DJs Rick Ski aka Black Vinyl Master and Defcon.

In 1991 they released their first and only album on the local independent label Rhythm Attack Productions (R.A.P.):
„Watch Out For the Third Rail” is arguably one of the most complete and classic albums in the history of German rap. A true hip-hop masterpiece that is still unmatched in it’s intensity, raw power and sample madness. Influenced by the Bomb Squad, Ced Gee and tons of underground recordsthat are today labeled as „random rap”, L.S.D. were on a mission to define their own sound and their own vision of what hip-hop meant to them.
Armed with a prehistoric set-up (a Commodore 64 and a Yamaha TX16W Sampler) L.S.D. dedicated a whole year of their lifes to record „Watch Out For The Third Rail” and parted ways soon after it’s release.

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01 The Third Rail
02 Competent (Remix)
03 Rhythm Attack
04 Relaxation
05 Blackvinyl On Defense Condition
06 Movin’ On
07 Poetical Justice
08 Brand New Style
09 Change The System
10 Bilateral World
11 Stop Being A Fool!
12 Jazzy Move
13 Never Go To Death
14 Purpose Of This Record
15 Watch This Event
16 This Beats Are Legal (91′ Remix)
17 I Don’t Care A Rap
18 Welcome From Germany!
19 Can’t Cope With My Dope
20 Kickin’ The Facts (feat. Duke T.)
21 You Gotta Do Your Thing (Competent-Reprise)
22 Going To Da Bar
23 Criticism
24 King Of Swing
25 ? To Ko
26 Enter The Double H
27 The Afterword


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