M.I. – Psychedelic 60s (WEB) (2014) (320 kbps)

M.I. - Psychedelic 60s

Psychedelic 60s refers to the time of social, musical and artistic change influenced by encouraged unity, the breaking down of boundaries, the heightening of political awareness, empathy with others, and the questioning of authority.

The 1960s was a decade of social revolution full of historical movements, new technology, and popular culture. It was also considered the Psychedelic Era because of the commonly initiated drug influence. Psychedelic tendencies altered the artwork, films, and music of this time period. Music in particular was very popular to this scene and many legendary artists and bands were established in the sixties. Although countless musicians consistently used or experimented with different drugs and this usage affected the popularity of their music, it is questionable whether it was perceived in a good way or a bad way. Most artists used drugs such as cannabis, LSD, and magic mushrooms to open up creative pathways for writing and some even used them while performing. Not only were the musicians trying drugs, but many of their fans were using while listening to their music to replicate and enhance the mind-altering experiences of hallucinogenic drugs.

M.I. of Constant Deviants.


01. What The 1960s Did To (America)
02. Saint Johns
03. Listening
04. Puppet feat. Steve Colossal
05. Fred
06. Giles
07. Spinach 2
08. Psych Fudge feat. Rome
09. War
10. Traffic Feeling
11. Quicksilver
12. Sabbath 2
13. Lateef
14. Buffalo
15. Delph


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  1. Is there a version of the instrumentals out there?

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