MC Trouble – Gotta Get A Grip (1990) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Alex Henderson @ allmusic: ”MC Trouble’s story is one of the most heartbreaking in the history of rap. Although not in a class with Queen Latifah or MC Lyte, she showed some promise on her debut album, Gotta Get a Grip. Trouble seemed to have a strong supporter in Motown Records, a label that had been weak in the area of rap and looked to her to change that. But MC Trouble never had a chance to develop or record a second album — she died during an epileptic seizure. Whether embracing hardcore rap or more commercial, R&B-ish material, the aggressive rapper leaves no doubt that she has solid rhyming skills. Much of the time, she takes a fun, escapist approach focusing on such matters as the type of behinds she admires on a man; but when she does become socio-political on “Black Line” and the title song, she articulates quite effectively the need for social change in the inner city.”

01. (I Wanna) Make You Mine

02. The Push Up
03. Gotta Get A Grip
04. Fly Guy
05. Black Line
06. Here Comes Trouble
07. Power Move
08. Thing For You
09. Points Proven
10. Well Equipped
11. Is It Live [Bonus Track on CD Only]
12. Body [Bonus Track on CD Only]

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