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Supar Novar ‎– Wordz From The Frontline (2008) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2008, Supar Novar, UK 03.07.2015

Labeled as a ‘UK legend’ by SB.TV, the award winning North London rap artist Novar FLIP is a veteran of UK Hip-Hop. Originally going by the name Supar Novar and as a member of legendary UK rap group, The Mud Family, Novar has proved himself time and time again as a force to be reckoned with. He is also one of the few artists who have managed to stay relevant through the changing times we have seen in UK music.
The name change on Novar’s forthcoming releases marks a stage of maturity and the start of a new chapter in his progressive career. With the recent Show N Prove produced single ‘Respect Me’, he introduced the change and received regular air play on BBC Radio One. His next official full release ‘The Journey’ will bring us up to speed with a collection of his best tracks from over the years, while building up to brand new material that will follow.
Novar’s journey so far has been full of amazing achievements. From performing at Glastonbury festival to sharing the stage with many of raps greats such as Ghostface (Wu-Tang), Bone Thugs N Harmony, M.O.P, The Clipse, DJ Premiere and many more. From collaborating with super stars such as Dappy and Ashanti, to featuring on classic underground records with Foreign Beggars, Ed Skrien, Wordsmith, Genesis Elijah, Skinnyman, Doc Brown, and the list goes on.
Currently in the studio with Show N Prove, Dead Man Walkn and more, Novar has been cooking up some of his best material to date and is about embark on a whole new journey again. With new official Novar FLIP releases, a collaborative project with the legendary MCD and material with his group F.L.I.P all on the way, exciting times are ahead /

1 –Supar Novar The Intro Featuring – Tricksta
2 –Supar Novar Wordz From The Frontline Featuring – Big Ben
3 –Supar Novar I’m Not That Guy
4 –Supar Novar Reppin’ The Remix Featuring – Big Ben, Mr. Ti2bs, Saint, Yaeo
5 –Supar Novar The Take Ovar
6 –Supar Novar We Grind Featuring – Jai Boo*, Late
7 –Supar Novar Measure My Success
8 –Supar Novar The Rain On My Face
9 –Supar Novar Honesty Report
10 –Supar Novar New Year Startin Featuring – 10Shott
11 –Supar Novar Been Through The Storms
12 –Wordsmith Groundwars Featuring – Supar Novar
13 –Big Ben More Wordz
14 –Supar Novar Champion Music Featuring – Big Ben, Saint
15 –Supar Novar Road Worthy Featuring – Conman
16 –Supar Novar Sweet 16
17 –Supar Novar Nothings Impossible
18 –Supar Novar Taking Control Featuring – Big Ben
19 –Supar Novar Deep Flows Featuring – Reload
20 –Supar Novar Killin Em
21 –Beezwax English Kids Featuring – Stylah, Supar Novar
22 –Supar Novar Time’s Slipping Away Featuring – Big Ben
23 –Supar Novar Fallen Soldierz
24 –Rapper Ragz Never Can Say Goodbye
25 –Neon Hitch The Lick Remix Featuring – Supar Novar

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