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T-Rock – Defcon 1 Lyrical Warfare (CD) (2003) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2003, T-Rock , , , 02.07.2015

T-Rock - Defcon 1 Lyrical Warfare

Defcon 1: Lyrical Warfare was T-Rock’s third album in five months. As you might be able to imagine, it’s not that the MC had such a wealth of top-shelf tracks ready to be unleashed upon the world in rapid-fire succession. Instead, he had one good album, and he chose to split up the material from that one good album onto three separate albums, with plenty of nondescript fluff added to each of the discs to maximize his profit. Like Myth of Reality and Rock Solid/4:20 before it, Defcon 1 has a handful of memorable moments that maintain his status as an accomplished, if just above average, Southern MC.


01. Matrix Intro
02. This Is What You Get (Feat. Al Kapone, E-40 & Jerk)
03. Murdererz (Feat. Odd-1)
04. Live It Up
05. Pimp Sh*t
06. F**k 3-6
07. Gimme Room
08. Midtro
09. Executive Squad (Posse Song)
10. Voltron
11. Who You Scarin’ (Paul & Juicy Dis)
12. Wylecat Interlude
13. El Gato Blanc (Wylecat Full Song From “The Professional” Album)
14. J-Love Interlude
15. When Your Broke (J-Love Full Song From The “Blow” Album)
16. Outro Plus Hidden Track


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