Eff Yoo – Papa Dios (Resurrection Editon) (WEB) (2015) (320 kbps)

Eff Yoo - Papa Dios (Resurrection)

After first getting his start in New York’s Hip-Hop scene, while performing at legendary venues such as Wetlands and Nuyorican Poets Café, the Peruvian native, Eff Yoo, sharpened his craft through street cyphers as well as the now infamous, Rikers Island Battles, all while being employed by the now defunct, Rawkus Records. Through these experiences, Eff gained the necessary knowledge and connections necessary to navigate throughout the industry, eventually gaining affiliation to the super group, Broken Home, as well as Brooklyn’s notorious, Lo-Life’s crew.

Violence is more than a situation. It’s the culture of mashed puzzles. There is a way that secretes when the people won’t live the way. Like Confucius’ warning about the mean man, the supreme man gets into tussles with the mean motherfucka that muzzles others’ muscles for his hustles. The cipher too round for him to rewind and refine the revisions that make a renaissance of a life. So then the pieces get chipped and the work to fit understanding right and exact into the puzzles of progress are shaved away. The peace of the puzzle that makes this great Art of Life is pieced away in the violent act. And we are left with pieces that don’t fit the times and the joy of chimes is replaced with ringing heads struck by dozens of dimes. Changed for the worst.

So now, Papa Dios is a fathering of songs embracing charred and chipped puzzles and sacred scuffles into wax a wonderfully contradictory creativity. Coming in the name of Eff Yoo, the hell is peace and the violence of viciousness are pieces embraced and paraded around stanzas. Broken Home’s Eff Yoo MCs with the most evil intentions and Papa Dios becomes a brief banger of holy Hip Hop MC lyricism. The more evil that Eff Yoo rhymes, the more fucks that he refuses the iller his lyricism, turning violence into the most peace of Hip Hop purity.


01. The First Power
02. Lust in Eden
03. The Trouble Child feat. Aye Wun
04. The Shepard (Interlude)
05. Modern Day Sodom feat. GS Advance, Tragedy Khadafi
06. Don’t Blame the Messengers feat. GS Advance, Godilla, Born Unique
07. This is the End feat. Nems, Starvin B, Thirstin Howl III
08. Abaddon
09. The Holy Heel (Interlude) feat. Bloodstain Lane
10. The Truth
11. Modern Day Sodom feat. GS Advance, Tragedy Khadafi (Nightwalker Remix)
12. Abaddon (Aye Wun Remix)
13. This is the End feat. Nems, Starvin B, Thirstin Howl III (Golden Child Remix)
14. The Truth (Rediculus Remix)
15. The Spirit of Truth (Interlude)


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