G. Dep ‎– Child Of The Ghetto (2001) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Child Of The Ghetto

Another in P. Diddy’s line of successors to the departed Notorious B.I.G., G. Dep joined fellow Harlem rapper Black Rob during Bad Boy’s early-2000s rebuilding era. As executive producer, Diddy does practically everything he can on Child of the Ghetto to make it a strong debut for Dep: guest appearances by Rakim and Kool G Rap, features for most of the concurrent Bad Boy roster, a multitude of first-rate productions (courtesy of the low-profile yet impressive in-house producers), a pair of radio-ready singles (“Special Delivery,” “Let’s Get It”), a few character-developing skits, and plenty of glossy photos in the CD booklet. Diddy no doubt invested a lot into the album.


1 Intro 1:04
2 Everyday 3:42
3 Child Of The Ghetto 3:43
4 Special Delivery 6:30
5 Whatever (Interlude) 1:17
6 Keep It Gangsta [Featuring] – Shyne 3:23
7 Smash On The First Night4:16
8 The Ride 4:04
9 News Report (Interlude) 1:31
10 Danger Zone 4:08
11 I Am  [Featuring] – Kool G Rap, Rakim 3:59
12 Blast Off [Featuring] – Loon, Mark Curry 3:38
13 The Real (Interlude) 0:53
14 Doe Fiend 3:32
15 I Want The World To See 3:55
16 Let’s Get It [Featuring] – Black Rob, P. Diddy 4:18
17 It’s All Over 4:27
18 One Way [Featuring] – Black Rob 3:06
19 Straight To The Top (Interlude) [Featuring] – Black Rob, P. Diddy 0:39
20 Nothing Gonna Stop Me / Let’s Get It (Remix) [Featuring] – Black Rob, Kain, Loon, Mark Curry, P. Diddy 9:47


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  1. hey you doin a good job!! do you have G-Dep’s album from 2010 Ghetto Legend?

  2. THANK YOU!! I don’t know if this re-up is a result of my forum post (since the forum is down), but my copy has missing tracks and I was looking for a full version.

    • It is!
      But i had a problem while ripping it thru EAC, so 2 tracks were ripped thru another program and there is no LOG file. Still better than having nothing.

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