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J-Love – Not Designed To Quit (CD) (2013) (320 kbps)

J-Love - Not Designed To Quit (2013)


01. Race Against Time
02. Come on Strong
03. Think Right Do Right
04. That’s a Girl !!!!!!!
05. Shotgun Barel Lemat feat. Gee Dubs
06. Tombstone Bluff feat. Method Man
07. My Environment feat. Killa Sha
08. Not Designed to Quit
09. Man Behind the Music
10. Man in the Mirror
11. Merry Go Round
12. Dress Code
13. Tell Me
14. Broken feat. Whyz Ruler
15. Glorified Excellence feat. Ghostface Killah & Cormega
16. Ny Barbarians feat. Sean Price & Lil Fame (of M.O.P)
17. Move with Independence
18. Firenando feat. Prince Original, AG da Coroner & Take It
19. Wardrobe Change
20. Craft Wont Pass the Polygraph feat. Roc Marciano
21. Tear Dropz feat. Chanel Nicole
22. From the Scrolls feat. Killah Priest & Science
23. Let Me in feat. Meyhem Lauren & AG da Coroner
24. An Outdoor Original feat. Jay Steele, Science & Animal
25. Might Lose Em
26. Incorrect Ear Lobes
27. Perseverance


320 kbps –  |  Datafile

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