OST – Niggaz With Hats – Fear Of A Black Hat (CD) (1994) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Niggaz With Hats are a fictional rap group that appeared in the motion picture Fear Of A Black Hat. This parody rap group parrallels N.W.A, Public Enemy, Ice-T’s Body Count, and The 2 Live Crew. The group, known for constantly wearing outrageous hats, consists of lead rapper Ice Cold, hypeman Tasty Taste, and DJ Tone Def. After the release of the sexual-prowess “Booty Juice” and the socio-political “Guerillas In The Midst”, the group released the album Fear Of A Black Hat and gained nationwide notoriety as the leading gangsta rap group. However financial and personal disputes lead to the break-up of N.W.H. The three members went solo and released various tracks before coming together to reunite N.W.H. and releasing “White Cops On Dope”.


01 Ice Froggy Frog
02 Come Pet The P.U.S.S.Y.
03 Guerrillas In The Midst
04 I’m Just A Human
05 Booty Juice
06 Fuck The Security Guards
07 Granny Says Kick Yo Black Ass
08 Wear Yo Hat (Buried And Bald)
09 Grab Yo Stuff
10 White Cops On Dope
11 My Peanuts


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