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Public Enemy – MKLVFCKWR (Revolverlution Tour 2003) (2004) (CD + 2DVD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

*Video Clips, 2004, Public Enemy 19.08.2015

Public Enemy – the legendary Revolverlution Tour in the year 2003. Recorded in the former club “The Metro” in Melbourne, Australia, Public Enemy presents many of their numerous big hits. An absolute must watch for any fan of Public Enemy.

Tracklist for Audio CD:

CD01 Brothers Gonna Work It Out
CD02 Welcome To The Terrordome
CD03 Bring The Noise
CD04 Son Of A Bush
CD05 Shut Em Down
CD06 Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
CD07 He Got Game
CD08 Revolverlution
CD09 911 Is A Joke
CD10 Public Enemy #1
CD11 DJ Lord Solo
CD12 Give It Up
CD13 Don’t Believe The Hype
CD14 Rebel Without A Pause
CD15 Arizona (Ball Of Confusion)
CD16 Fight The Power

This is original tracklist for this concert which comes as one video file:

DVD1-01 Brothers Gonna Work It Out
DVD1-02 Welcome To The Terrordome
DVD1-03 Bring The Noise
DVD1-04 Son Of A Bush
DVD1-05 Shut Em Down
DVD1-06 Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
DVD1-07 He Got Game
DVD1-08 Revolverlution
DVD1-09 911 Is A Joke
DVD1-10 Public Enemy #1
DVD1-11 DJ Lord Solo
DVD1-12 Give It Up
DVD1-13 Don’t Believe The Hype
DVD1-14 Rebel Without A Pause
DVD1-15 Arizona (Ball Of Confusion)
DVD1-16 Fight The Power
DVD1-17 Flavor Set
DVD1-18 7th Octave Set Featuring – Power Born
DVD1-19 Prophets Of Rage
DVD1-20 Can’t Truss It
DVD1-21 Do You Wanna Go Our Way
DVD1-22 Peeps (Turbo)
DVD1-23 Hazy/Channel Zero

Both DVDs consist of:
DVD 1:
Concert at the Metro, Melbourne, Australia Part 1 & 2, Behind the Scenes, History, Discography
DVD 2:
Tour Diary, Private Video, Slideshow
The CD contains highlights from the concert.


Audio CD (Scans are included in here):
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MP3 320
Uploaded /

DVD Rips with all videos (this consists of 15 Winrar files which are splitted by 400 mb. DVDs are ripped in AVI format and total space of those DVDs are 5.5 GBs.

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