Roots Manuva – Alternately Deep (2006) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Roots Manuva’s Awfully Deep was a promising record, but it often sounded hamstrung by its protagonist’s wish to make an important album statement, one where every note and every word could be carefully considered. Alternately Deep, a compilation of period remixes and singles tracks, could well be a more satisfying listen, because it’s relaxed and uncomplicated. The songs may not say as much as their predecessors — even when Mr. Smith proclaims “Don’t nobody got no love for Smith” in the first track — but the tracks are far superior; most are produced by Manuva himself, and they hit harder with the digital distortion and bizarre, ringing tones that Big Dada fans know and love.

 1 No Love (3:53)
2 Seat Yourself (Miami Mix) (4:00)
3 Double Drat (3:40)
4 Nobody’s Dancing (3:58)
5 Things We Do (3:17)
6 Check It (Remix) (4:15)
7 Get U High (3:24)
8 Colossal Insight (Jammer Remix & Revox) (4:20)
9 Mean Street (6:10)
10 Pep My Game (2:52)
11 World Is Mine (Plan B Studio Version) (4:15)
12 Grown Man (4:10)

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