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Strickly Roots – Brothers Die’n Every Day EP (CD) (1994) (320 kbps)

1994, Strickly Roots 25.08.2015

Strickly Roots - Brothers Die'n Every Day

Thanks to Extrez.


1. Brothers Die’n Every Day (Vocal)
2. Brothers Die’n Every Day (Instrumental)
3. Roots & Culture
4. Strickly Roots Flava
5. The Slow Flow
6. Gravediggas Theme


320 kbps –  |  Datafile

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3 comments "Strickly Roots – Brothers Die’n Every Day EP (CD) (1994) (320 kbps)"

  1. read:

    yo Juicy pls re-up this albums, the forum is down.. I’ve been requesting that since weeks ago
    – I.B.S – just tryin to hang on
    – Strickly Roots – Brothers Die n Everyday EP

  2. read:

    sorry bout tha last one, had too many download tabs open lol

  3. @D Jilla read:

    I appreciate the effort guys but seriously can we get some better hosts? Can only download every so often, like 1 file per hr or whatever it is? The download speeds are worse than dial up and I’m sorry but I’m not rushing out to get ANOTHER premium account if for whatever reason you decide to bail and go with someone else like you did with uploaded, a lot of us still have premium accounts with them and you basically left us in the lurch. I get that you need to get paid but there has to be better options than these two hosts, in all seriousness how long before they get shut down or you get banned again and we have to find another host and shell out more $ for another premium account? You may see it as bitching and complaining about free stuff, blah, blah, blah but it’s just the reality of the situation, we need better options, otherwise a lot of us simply won’t come back or will go to the competition, not that it seems you really care, judging by the taking down of the forum and cbox? 🙁

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