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Tommy Evans ‎– New Years Revolutions (2004) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2004, Tommy Evans, UK 07.08.2015

Tommys solo debut came in 2000 with the release of the Timecapsule EP on YNR swiftly followed by a succession of further releases on the label The 4 Elements EP featuring Task Force, Usmaan and production from original Low Life co-founder/fellow Leeds native BTI, 4 Horsemen b/w Not Nice 12 featuring Yungun, Devise, Ricochet from Universal Soldiers and beats by Harry Love and Lewis Parker, and the classic Me/You b/w Silent Moebius 12 featuring Yungun, produced by Evil Ed and Harry Love respectively. Tommy then compiled his work for The Turbulent Times Of CD in 2003 along with new tracks Who Am I (Turbulent Times) Insomniac and Mourning Skies (feat. Asaviour). In 2004 he released his debut LP, the monumental New Years Revolutions (YNR) which featured production from the likes of Jehst, Beyond There, Evil Ed, LG and Cee-Why. The album included the singles Revolutions, Remain Forever (feat. Neneh Cherry) and the Top 40 collaboration with beat magician Mark B Move Now! Known for ripping up shows from Penzance to Edinburgh alongside a number of DJs, including DMC Team Champ Blakey, Tommy is no stranger to the stage whether headlining venues, or supporting international acts such as Junior Reid, Non-Phixion, El Da Sensei, Peanut Butter Wolf, The Arsonists and DJ Noize. In addition music lovers worldwide have been getting accustomed to Tommys unique lyricism with performances in Europe and the USA, including Philidelphias legendary Black Lilly night! Tommy even made history alongside Jehst and Cee-Why by being the first rap act to perform in the Channel Islands /YNR Productions home page/.

1 Manifesto (Intro)
2 Good Vibes
3 Inferno
4 Lovemusic
5 The Mysteries
6 Jugganaught
7 The Parallax View
8 Revolutions
9 Transitions (The Capsule Part 2)
10 Binyard 2 Vinyard
11 Move… Now
12 Another Hit [Featuring] – Colony
13 Remain Forever
14 Truth I See
15 Cry Freedom (Bonus CD Track) [Featuring] – Ayman Raze
16 Revolutions (Remix) (Bonus CD Track)

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