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Tommy Tee – Bonds, Beats & Beliefs (CD) (1998) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1998, Norway, Tommy Tee 13.08.2015

Tommy Tee - Bonds, Beats & Beliefs

Tommy Tee is Scandinavia’s most-popular and longest-lived hip-hop DJ / producer / promoter. Raised in Oslo and still based in Norway, and raised on graffiti and breakdancing, Tee began compiling mix tapes and doing club dates in the mid-’80s. He gained his first radio show in 1986 and quickly moved on to the national network NRK with his top-rated the National Rap Show. Tee also started his own hip-hop magazine (Fat Cap) and after working for several years at Norway’s Mega Records, formed his own Tee Productions label. His production resume included an album by standards singer Helen Eriksen (later licensed to Blue Note) and his first solo album, 1998’s Bonds, Beats and Beliefs, with contributions from Talib Kweli, Mike Zoot, and Craig G.


01. Bonds Intro (feat. Father Blanco)
02. International Connects (feat. El Da Sensei & Mike Zoot)
03. The Reply (feat. Diaz, Father Blanco, N-Light-N, Opaque & Warlocks)
04. Horizon (feat. Bansheeba Earth, Black Sun, Mr. Eon & Tru Personna)
05. So Fantastic (feat. N-Light-N)
06. Blood Rush (feat. F.T. & P Dap)
07. The Conjunction (feat. Zombi Squad)
08. Takin Ova US Version (feat. Joe Sexx, Mr. Eon, Reservoir Dogs & Shabaam Sahdeeq)
09. Educated (feat. Line & Opaque)
10. Primoz II (feat. El Santo, The Eye & Father Blanco)
11. That’s My Fucking Word (feat. COD Crew)
12. It’s All True (feat. COD Crew & Debbie Dro)
13. Aerodynamics (feat. Father Blanco, N-Light-N, Tech-Rock)
14. Intense (feat. Craig G & Will Pack)
15. Hip Hop Love (feat. Shawn J Period, Star Orion & Wisdom Life)
16. Day By Day (feat. A.L., Talib Kweli, Punch & Words)
17. Defenders Of The North Sea (feat. Diaz)
18. Crown Holders (feat. Skam, I.G. Off & Hazadous)
19. Spectators (feat. Opaque & Tech-Rock)
20. Takin Ova (feat. Diaz, Father Blanco, N-Light-N, Opaque & Warlocks)


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