Abstract Rude – Steel Making Trax: The Export (WEB) (2010) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Steel Making Tracks


01. Kool DJ EQ Prezentz… (Intro)
02. In My Head (For Real Version)
03. Human Nature
04. No Fat Lady (feat. Ellay Khule & NgaFsh)
05. Soundboy Murderers (feat. Abstract Tribe Unique)
06. Songs Of Freedom (feat. Emporess Camielle & Maya Jupiter)
07. Thirteenth Month (feat. Busdriver & Phoenix Orion)
08. Myth Behind The Man (feat. 2Mex & Omid)
09. Alternate Society (feat. Haiku D’Etat)
10. Fearless (feat. DJ Vadim)
11. Could Be A Wonderful (Space Heater Remix)
12. Another Way Out (feat. Sunspot Jonz)
13. Quench This Here Thirst (feat. DJ Drez & Zulu Butterfly Priest)
14. Basic Instinct (feat. Ghost)
15. Unnecessary Thinking (feat. Busdriver)
16. Bodies On The Floor (feat. Elusive & Neb Luv)
17. Ball Hustle
18. No Longer A King Trilogy


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320 kbps – Datafile

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  1. Flac is dead.

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